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How much for a barrel of oil?

PS.2 Enjoy this report and do not forget to see the Eastwood movie "hang
them high":


Oil & Energy
Investment Report December 25, 2006

Why pulling US troops out of Iraq
could wind up pushing oil prices
to $100 a barrel

The trouncing George Bush's party received at the
polls last month almost guarantees the United
States will soon start pulling its troops out of

A lot of investors realize that the US invasion
of Iraq is a key reason oil prices are still so
high today. What they don't realize is that
pulling US troops out of Iraq at this point in
time ... will send oil prices far higher.

I'm not saying US troops should or should not
withdraw. That's not my department. My job is
to make you money from what's going to happen.
And that's what this special flash alert is
all about.

Saudi Arabia -- not Iraq -- is the key to
understanding how pulling …