DROPLOAD files to your friends!

You can upload a maximum of 100 MB every day and the person to whom these Files are sent has 7 days to pick up these files, if they are not picked up within those 7 days they are deleted automatically whether picked up or not.
Use it to send AND receive files from anywhere in the world...videos, music, texts...!!
It's free!
Dropload Sends Large Files without Email !

- I receive an email when my file is retrieved.

- The email sent to the recipient from Dropload with the file pickup link shows my email address. This makes is easier to get through spam filters.

Like many of these services, Dropload is very easy to use, but it does require you to create an account. The advantage to an account based system is I can see my file history. This also allows me to recall a file if it's not been received. This feature can be invaluable if I send the wrong file.

Once the account is created, you simply login in and fill out a screen such as the one below. The service even allows you to recall past email addresses by using the Previous button. The most difficult part is if you a write a long note since the input area is tiny.


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