Hi there...been a long time out! In the meantime (7 yrs ago) I opened a small café/restaurant in the city of Fribourg, Switzerland- Not really getting rich but having lots of fun! It's harder to work for oneself but rewarding in many other ways. We make homemade and local food like Fondue, Raclette, Roesti, Fondue Chinoise et Bourguignonne, Beef in all possible ways and lots more, there's just 2 of us working, so we don't have a huge menu. Just trying to do it right with TLC. One is...you don't have anyone breathing down your neck all the time. You know the kind...even while you're doing it right, he/she will find something wrong. So if anyone out there travels through Switzerland some day, hop in!! And no, not all Swiss people are rich!! It's called Café Restaurant du Tilleul, Rue du Tilleul 5, CH-Fribourg and we're not expensive by Swiss standards! Everything does cost so much here.