Free drum samples (+ FX , pads , voices , etc) & Reason refills , PRO samples CD

.............and much much much more....

Actually here can be downloaded more than 900 mb of free samples (49 free refills and 22 free wav samples packages togheter ) . Because of this i got a big number of downloads on each moment , every day ,! So , if your connection beggining slow , just abort the connection and try again later , ! And an advice : use FlashGet !

All the wav samples packs and refills posted in this page are royalty-free. This means that you can use the samples in your own compositions and songs without paying any further royalties (but you are, however, not allowed to resell or redistribute any or all of the samples as a sample pack , refill , sf2, etc or on a sample CD). Enjoy my friends !


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