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Dalai-Lama - SOS SS
electro alternative rock

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thelinks was founded about 15 years ago by thierry christinaz and is designed to link as many a style of music as possible into 1 style: thelinks'!i love music,not a particular style.i'm no good at talking about this but i'd say my music is like a huge sunday brunch:all you can eat; all you can

"I can die on the TV" alternative electro rock

ELECTRONIC ALTERNATE ROCK AMBIENT (voice) the links - "I can die on the TV"
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"una musica Rabelésien" - free jazz

FREE JAZZ BAGPIPE AND MORE... (instrumental) una musica Rabelésien
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"Color me" alternative flamenco electro rock

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"in Français in the Textes" alternative electro rock

alternative electro rock "in Français in the Textes"
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Mayec said…

Je voulais vous informer du fait que j'ai utilisé votre musique dans mon film d'animation "Politeness and Tires".

J'aimerais beaucoup savoir ce que vous en pensez.

Vous pouvez le voir sur VEOH (haute qualité):

Où bien, si le link plus haut ne marche pas, sur Youtube: