thelinks biographie thelinks was founded about 25 years ago by thierry christinaz and is designed to link as many a style of music as possible into 1 style: thelinks'!i love music,not a particular style.i'm no good at talking about this but i'd say my music is like a huge sunday brunch:all you can eat; all you can mix!yes,i love food,too! Why this name? thelinks came to me because all styles of music mix in my head!f.inst.; if a band loves heavy metal,they wouldn't choose "daisy" as a name...or would they?so links lead me from 1 style i love to another.also, i compose mostly using electronics with a voice in a large sense:in my musical world,they're lots of cables,wires..which 'link' it all into the making of a song!i love 'getting there' as much as 'being there'! Do you play live? mostly 'small' gigs but in lots of places:the US,london,barcelona,switzerland...2 of our CDs were modestly distributed (musikvertrieb) in 22 countries (what is called 'alternative distribution') and i've had a couple of opportunities to get into 'the bigger industry' but, to make a long story short,it soon made me quite sick! How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry? it is no longer a meat industry;it's a human industry!...if one's goal isn't to become 'a star' at any cost.but what wouldn't people do to be on TV? Would you sign a record contract with a major label? yes,if the label is not only interested in huge steaks with a lousy sauce! Band History: i don't like yesterday;i love today and tomorrow!but if somebody's interested, i'm quite open to providing information. thelinks, based in California and French Switzerland, link up sunshine and precision: rays of colors surf upon a rock-electro wave that can prove unpleasant to the commercial tide's (too) formatted ear: this duo -D.JD.Thomas on drums,Tchrist,voice,mechanics,compositions- is distributed in 22 countries by MusikVertriebAG (D). thelinks feel quite happy about this great news;however remain close to "distribution's great so long as artistic freedom prevails!." Your influences? thelinks love'em all!every sound has an influence on me; i wouldn't be anything without them! more thing i never understood: why do people always need 'names'?music is not names;it floats and it isn't concrete,material;it's feelings,discovery and open-mindedness.any deep and absolute attachment to one thing is comparable to drug (and art) should widen the horizon and not only bring mental reassurance,comfort. Favorite spot? the earth is beautifuly small. Anything else...? thank you for reading,listening and if you are a musician or not,think of communicating with me if you like!music is not only there to have a good time;it's food and i love to dance,too.